Tuesday, 26 December 2017

TechTip - How to embed html report within the Jenkins email notifications?

If you would like to send html report through Jenkins email notifications and looking for how to embed html report within the Jenkins email notifications, you can follow below steps:


Ensure that your Jenkins has email-ext-plugin installed. If not, refer this and install it first.


Follow below steps to embed html file in email content:
  1. Go to your jenkins job and click on Configure.
  2. Go to Post Build Actions and then select Editable Email Notifications
  3. Select Content Type as HTML(text/plain)
  4. In the default content section replace $DEFAULT_CONTENT with following
           ${FILE,path=”relative path to html file”}


For example, below is the absolute path for your html file. So you just need to pick bold marked as relative path and mention in path.



This will place the surefire-report.html content in your email body.

Hope this tip is helpful for you.


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  2. when i am using this procedure, i am getting same path as string in my email body, not html report. I selected default content type as HTML type.

    1. I'm getting the same issue. Is anyway to fix this?

    2. Hi Bharath,

      Please provide complete path of the report.html file.

  3. below code embeds the report content in email body
    use pre tag(this editor not allowing to add pre tag)

  4. Hello
    I am using following in the path:

    I am able to see the HTML and tags in it. but the 2 PNG files which are pie charts for the pass - Failed scenarios, is not showing.
    Instead only a small cross in a box is displayed.

    When I am opening the index_E2E.html, I am able to see the png files correctly.
    Ever faced this issue?

  5. Same issue in my case as well

  6. I am always getting same path as string in my email body

  7. It is not fetching the desired output, it is simply dumping the {FILE} part on the email.Any suggestions?

  8. hi , UI not showing properly in the email can you help me on this.

  9. using the same steps integrated for extent report but the report not showing properly in the email . Please give any suggestion.

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