Saturday, 28 March 2015

ERMaster: Creating Entity Relationship Diagram in Eclipse

If you are looking for the option, where you can create ER diagram graphically. Seems you reached to the right place. ERMaster is great tool to create  ER diagram graphically in eclipse IDE. Using ERMaster you can do following:
  • Create ER diagram graphically by dragging/dropping components
  • Export diagram as image
  • Print ER diagram
  • Generate entity java classes
  • Generate test date
  • Import/export ER diagram file
  • Generate excel sheet, which contains information about all tables, indexes etc.

Setting up ERMaster in Eclipse

Setting up ERMaster in eclipse is pretty easy.

Open your eclipse and then go to Help -> Softward Updates. Use this URL ( ) to install ERMaster:


Download ERMaster jar from here and copy it to the eclipse drop-in folder. And then restart the eclipse.

How to Use?

If you would like to see how to use ERMaster tool. You can refer my YouTube video.