Sunday 29 June 2014

MTPutty - Multi Tabbed Putty

If you are looking for the option where you can open Putty (free SSH and telnet client) sessions in multiple tabs, you reached to right blog. You can use MTPutty.

MTPutty is free and facilitates wrapping up multiple Putty applications in one tabbed interface. You can save user and password for remote connection to login automatically. This tool also provides facility to configure shell script that you may want to execute after remote server login. I think this is enough detail to know about MTPutty, isn’t it? If not you can refer more detail from here. Now let’s move to setting up and using MTPutty.

Installing and Setting up MTPutty

Before setting up MTPutty ensure to install Putty then only go for MTPutty installation.

Installing and setting up MTPutty in windows environment is quite simple. Download MTputty from here, execute downloaded setup file and provide the installation location. Once installation is done, you can open Mputty UI by executing ‘<mputty-installation-dir>/mtputty.exe’. When you open MTPutty first time you are prompted to provide the Putty executable file location. Once you will provide the Putty executable file location, you can see your Putty connections are imported into MPutty.

Adding New Connection in MTPutty:

To add the new connection in MTPutty, go to ‘Server > Add Server’. You will see below dialog box. Provide the required information like IP, user name, password, display name etc. and click 'OK' button.

You can see the new connection is displayed in left pane in MTputty UI. If you double click on this connection, new tab is opened in right pane and remote server is connected.

Configuring Script to Execute Automatically After Login

Right click on your added connection and click on ‘Script’ tab in opened dialog box. You need to configure two things. Wait period time and the shell script. Note that, shell script will be executed only after configured wait time. If your automatic login is done say in 3000 milliseconds, configure wait  period time around 4000 milliseconds to execute script.

I found this tool is interesting and useful. I hope this will also be useful for you. If you found this post helpful, your comments are most welcome.


  1. work like charm!!!

  2. how to load key in multiputty as there is no option coming like in putty

  3. All of sudden putty session stopped working on mputty and giving me error docking to invisible control is not allowed . Is anyone knows how to rectify the same

    1. I'm getting this error too and it is been happening after I did an upgrade recently. The upgrade also wiped mtputty.xml without making a backup. disaster upgrade!!