Saturday 22 November 2014

Creating First Android Application

If you want to create your first android application, seems you landed on right post. This post walks you through how you can create your first android application by following simple steps.

Setup Environment: To setup android application development environment, you need to install below software:
  • JDK6
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Android SDK: Software development kit to develop android applications.
  • ADT (Android Development Tools) Eclipse Plugin: This Eclipse plugin provides the integrated environment to build android applications
  • AVD (Android Virtual Device): This facilitates the environment where android application can be tested.
I will not be investing much time to describe about how to setup all these softwares as this link already provides very nice description to setup the environment.

Create Android Application:  Once you are done with environment setup you are ready to create your first android application. In your Eclipse IDE, go to ‘File > New > Project…’ and select ‘Android > Android Application Project’. 

Fill the required information and click Next.

Click Next.

Provide the text or Image, to show your application Icon.

Click Next.

Click Next.

Once you click on Finish button, you will see below android project is created. Generated android project contains ‘’ file. This class is executed once created application is run.

Run Application: To run the application, right click on your project and go to 'Run As > Android Application'.

Once the application is executed, text (which is configured in '') is displayed on the screen.

I followed this link to start developing android application . If you need more detail you can refer same link for detailed information. 

!! Happy Android Application Development !!


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